The mainstays of both Performance & Essential Materials and Housing & Infrastructure Products business segments supply the foundational elements for everyday products — from the plastic wraps that keep meats, cheeses and produce fresh, to the intravenous bags and tubing used in mission-critical medical settings, to the chlorine that treats the pools in our backyards and communities. Westlake is proud to play a fundamental role in the creation of high-quality products that are crucial to everyday life while demonstrating our foundational commitments to safety, service, and sustainability.



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Westlake Performance & Essential Materials

Westlake businesses in the Performance & Essential Materials segment offer a wide range of essential building blocks for making products utilized in everyday living, including olefins, vinyl chemicals, polyethylene, and epoxies. Click the button below to learn more about Westlakes Performance & Essential Materials business.

Performance & Essential Materials businesses

Westlake Housing & Infrastructure Products

Westlake businesses in the Housing & Infrastructure Products segment produce key finished goods for building products, pipe & fittings, and global compounds businesses. In addition, our building products businesses make some of the most prevalent items in the world, such as residential siding, architectural stone, cement, clay, metal and polymer composite roofing, trim and moulding, pipe and fittings, and more. Click the button below to learn more about Westlakes Housing & Infrastructure Products business.

Housing & Infrastructure Products businesses