Westlake Chemical customers find an unique combination with its polyethylene business—the customized attention of a niche supplier with the breadth and capacity to handle their volume requirements.

Westlake offers a diverse portfolio of polyethylene products suitable for a variety of applications including extrusion coating, blow and cast film, injection molding and blow molding. 

Its manufacturing facilities in Longview, Texas are well equipped to handle specialty runs as well as large-volume orders and the flexibility to meet special grade requirements.

Most importantly, Westlake's knowledgeable sales and technical service teams, combined with experienced chemists, engineers and technicians at the Customer Solutions Center are ready to assist customers in developing new products that can solve their unique challenges or give that extra edge in the marketplace.  The facility's state-of-the-art fabrication equipment allows Westlake to support its customers in application development as well as troubleshoot and solve processing problems without interrupting their product processes.


Why Westlake Polyethylene?

  • Broad portfolio of low density, low density copolymers, linear low density, plastomers, functionalized polymers and waxes
  • Award winning customer services team
  • Top-level expertise to assist customers with their sales, customer service, product development and troubleshooting needs
  • Access to Westlake's Customer Solutions Center for on-site testing and evaluation

As the world’s most widely used polymer, polyethylene enables the innovative design and manufacture of countless products – from food packaging and carton liners to dry cleaning bags, impact modifiers, and tie-layer resins. Westlake annually produces 1.5 billion pounds of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and 980 million pounds of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Westlake supplies its own primary raw materials from its ethylene operations.

Polyethylene Overview Brochure


Westlake Chemical Polyethylene Products

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